About the Artist


About the artist:  

Ann grew up in a rural area of North Carolina. The frequency of time spent as a youth on her grandparents' farm provided her with rewarding and creative experiences of the natural world. This background and experience would eventually influence her choice of subjects for painting.

Parents and teachers supported her interest in drawing and painting, and Ann found ways for many years to keep her interest in art alive. But a serious pursuit and exploration of her talent came later in life.

Ann comes from a family of artists -- painters and potters -- some of whom developed their talents following retirement from other professions. Through their examples she was encouraged to begin to pursue her passion that had lain dormant. So some years before she retired, Ann picked up her brushes and began exploring her passion.  She has studied intensively to develop her artist knowledge and skills.  She has taken classes and workshops from a variety of established artists:  the late Ann Templeton, Al Currier, Melinda Thorsnes, Joy Olney, Sam Caglayan, Nancy Chaboun and Trish Harding.  Ann has studied extensively in Bellingham, Washington at the Trish Harding School of Art.


Ann's work is defined by an expressive and emotional quality. The subjects in her paintings frequently take on a monolithic nature in Ann's response to sense of place. 

Known for her warm palette and local area subject matter,  Ann has exhibited in group exhibitions and one-person shows, winning awards in both Washington state and Arizona. 


Believing art is a universal language that enriches life, Ann works to promote fine art in communities through art organization memberships, event participation and leadership roles.  In years past she served on the board and also held positions of Vice President and President of the Whatcom Art Guild.  Likewise she was board member and served as both vice president and president in the Gilbert Visual Art League.  Other associations and memberships include Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Whatcom Museum of History and Art and the West Valley Arts Council.

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