Original oil paintings

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My Vision

Cezanne is reported to have said, "Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.”   And that is what I strive to do -- to interpret my emotional response to a place.  Through line, shape, color choices and brush strokes, I translate my  experiences, feelings, and spiritual connection to describe a sense of place.  

My Inspiration

I am  intrigued by the play of light and it's affect on objects, color and texture juxtaposed to the interesting patterns created by shadow.  This dance of light and shadow is what attracts me to a subject.  I'm inspired to paint in òrder to explore its ever changing dynamic. 

Because of my love of nature I'm particularly drawn to painting landscapes.  With a sketch book or camera in hand, I find my subject matter from the local areas in which I live or from travels to other parts of the country.  I am fortunate to live in the beautiful and moist Pacific Northwest and also to be able to spend time in the arid landscape of the Southwest.  My work is heavily influenced by these two contrasting locations. ​  ​

While most of  my paintings are created in the studio based on sketches or my own photographed reference material, I also love to paint outdoors.  I'm stimulated and challenged by the elements and sounds of nature--the wind, weather, insects and animals; the temperature; the rustle of leaves, grasses and tree branches.  The outdoors is full of energy.  My goal is to translate that energy and the experience of the moment into my paintings.

Painting As Poetry

I consider myself an impressionist representational painter.  That means I am not interested in re-creating a camera image of my subject.  Rather I'm more interested in creating artwork to express the poetic nature of my subject--to express what words and a photograph cannot.  I strive to apply paint to my original oil paintings in a lyrical, imaginative manner so that the viewer sees the familiar in a different way.

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